It’s safe to say we look at the world differently.

We are imaginative, artful, thoughtful, and with purpose. We unapologetically create places people crave to live, visit, congregate, talk about, and share.  Together with our clients, we impart exciting, yet tenable, places that will benefit inhabitants for years to come.

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At Designtrait, our philosophy begins with discovery. What draws us to a place? What keeps us there, and what makes us go back? The curious attraction to architecture yields infinite possibilities. We create unique places where life happens; not limited to a room or a building, place can be as simple as a tree swing or a rooftop patio. While design enhances a place, all of this is nothing without purpose and the human element. This is how we define Place.

How we’re different

01. Our places feel like coming home.

They tell a story and invite you to stay awhile.

02. Our design team includes you.

The relationships we build with our clients form the foundation of each project. We’ll bring you coffee, get to chatting, learn what you hope to accomplish in this place, and then make a design that is wholly and utterly you.

03. Our process guides you from vision through completion.

As your advocate, we navigate you through the many considerations, one decision at a time.


the word on the street is...


Designtrait is an excellent partner. They are both creative and pragmatic, which is a difficult combination to find. We often present very difficult requirements, and they consistently find inventive solutions that are both highly functional and beautiful.

Susan Nayak

Client, Custom Residential


We’ve told many people about the great experience we had with Becky and they seemed shocked that she was so involved in the construction process.  She absolutely insisted on excellence and it was common for her to meet weekly with the builder to ensure that quality.  It can be scary to choose an architect, we know.  You won’t be disappointed if you choose Designtrait.

Sara and Lati Domi

Propaganda Hair Group


Ms. Jeanes not only helped us make our vision a reality, she did so with grace and ease and professionalism, shepherding us from the first days of a project to an on-time and to-budget project completion.  We know that her commitment to her clients is as strong as her aesthetic vision, and for that we are grateful.  We had an extremely positive experience working with Designtrait and would highly recommend their work, as well as their working style and philosophy, to anyone.

Tamara Hudgins, Ph.D.


For us, architecture is active, evocative, and engaging. We create in the dynamic space between real and ideal.

Relax, we’ve got you.