Our Approach

Think about your favorite places. Your kitchen table in the morning light. A corner booth on a Friday night. Store shelves full of promise.

The value of a place isn’t built on appearance alone; a unity of purpose and execution allows us to connect seamlessly with our surroundings. At Designtrait, we focus on good design that weaves your ideas and intentions into comforting, effortless places where memories take root and grow.

Places have power. They instill calm, elicit deep conversation, and even inspire you to host holiday dinners. We believe exceptional places evoke strong feelings and influence how we relate to the world and the people in it. Through architecture, we bridge emotion and experience, taking your dreams and molding them into something real.

Our places feel like coming home.

We create places that tell a story. Well-designed places are familiar and welcoming with the impression that you’ve been there before. Using experiential design, we seek to build an environment that feels a little like coming home, aligning function with vision to deliver an immersive experience that engages the senses. The human element is the most important, though; our places are beautiful without seeming too perfect, striking but not cold. The heart of a place is how people use it.

Our design team includes you.

Creation is a joyful art that we want to share with you; The relationships we build with our clients form the foundation of each project. To create a place that feels connected to its purpose, we first connect with you. We put ourselves in your shoes, as family, as customers, to discover how we can best meet your needs. We want to know about everything: your personality, your style, your work, your opinions on pocket doors. We’ll bring you coffee, get to chatting, learn what you hope to accomplish in this place, and then make a design that is wholly and utterly you.

Our process guides you from vision through completion.

We know drafting a plan that feels right is only the beginning. The road from a vague concept to a finished, physical place can be long. We guide you throughout the design process, nurturing the ideas you’ve cultivated and providing direction to bring them to life. As industry veterans, we understand the challenges that can arise during any stage of a project. Nimble and adaptable, our team will not be deterred by any curveball thrown our way. We speak the language of construction crews and designers, advocating for you and your priorities from start to finish. So relax, we’ve got you. We can’t wait to get started.

Relax. We've got you.