Crafted for the senses.


Rosedale Residence

It’s safe to say we look

at the world differently.

Places have power. Exceptional places evoke strong feelings and influence how we relate to the world and the people in it.
Tray + Becky

Perfection for life's imperfections.

We conceive places for the human experience. Places where ideas are hatched, eggs are cracked, discussions are had, art is spilled, dinner parties are hosted, business is won, tantrums are thrown, remotes are fought over, and people are celebrated.

Get to

Ugh! Another architecture firm?

We are designers by nature, but first, we are people. We are your neighbor, your friend, your family; we are you. We crave connection. We desire wonderment. We live. As architects, we strive to create places that foster life, that cultivate lasting memories, and that nurture a lasting sense of belonging.

Our places feel like coming home.
Our design team includes you.
Our process guides you from vision through completion.
Our Approach

Why Us

Successful collaboration encourages innovation from all parties and ultimately benefits our clients.

Entrusting us with your time, money, and vision, you – our clients – become our most valued priority. We believe the most effective approach to realizing your vision blends our fresh design ideas with your unique perspective. We emphasize this process with a special devotion to the highest level of contemporary design and budget-appropriate innovation. These principles of quality and creativity are the founding values of our firm.

Our Philosophy